Hello, my name is Suzanne, and I'm a qualified CSV Yoga Teacher and Baby Massage Practitioner based in Bury, Greater Manchester.

From the moment I stepped onto the mat in my first hatha yoga class back in early 2009, I knew I had found something beyond special. After many years struggling with crippling depression, I immediately felt affinity and acceptance. I began practicing Hatha yoga alongside Ashtanga yoga in Madrid, and became hooked, knowing but perhaps not quite believing it possible, that I wanted to become a yoga teacher myself at some point in the future.

I began to teach pregnancy yoga in 2014 after the birth of my second son, and quickly added baby massage and baby yoga to my skill set. Qualifying in hatha yoga in 2016 saw me begin to add standard yoga classes into my weekly offerings, and I have continued to develop what I offer, continually learning and adapting to ensure that I can serve yogis on their journey in the most authentic way possible.

The style I teach, and one that is threaded through all of my classes, is that of Core Strength Vinyasa, founded by Sadie Nardini. This way of practicing all 8 limbs of yoga inspires me to deliver classes that are empowering, cleansing, and inspiring, whether that be in pregnancy classes or a metabolism boosting Shred® class.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Birth is an empowering experience and I hope to guide you to a place of freedom of expression so that you can birth in the way that feels right for you.

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Baby Massage and Reflex Yoga Classes

Running over 2 hours, each session provided plenty of opportunity for individual support with regards to anything you may be finding an issue with in the early months of motherhood.

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CSV Yoga Classes

Core Strength Vinyasa is a style of yoga that inspires us to radiate our own truth from the deepest core of our being.

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Yoga Shred®

YogaShred® is a hybrid of standard yoga and tabata-based high intensity interval training.

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Yin Yoga

The ultimate reset and reclamation of time for YOU.

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