CSV Yoga Classes

Core Strength Vinyasa is a style of yoga that inspires us to radiate our own truth from the deepest core of our being.

It is a transitional style of yoga that allows for freedom of expression as we move from posture to posture, with the intention being to find optimal alignment for our own individual bodies.

It is this unique way of moving that takes yoga asana out of the pages of a magazine and translates them in a real way to your own experience of what your body needs in any given moment. This release from having to demonstrate a "perfect posture" is what allows us to connect with what is truly going on with us, physically, mentally and emotionally, working from the inside out, from foundation up, to helps us truly connect with our agni, or inner-fire.

Evening classes tend to be slower, with empahasis on winding down for bed; morning classes ignite energy and motivate for the day ahead.