Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Birth is an empowering experience and I hope to guide you to a place of freedom of expression so that you can birth in the way that feels right for you.

So many of us are disconnected from our bodies and spend much of our time in the cerebral part of our brain; theorising, predicting, researching and gathering information, that we often forget that our bodies and our babies already know how to birth.

During pregnancy yoga classes, you will begin to create a dialogue with your body, learning how to listen and respond to its needs. We will work on pranayama (breath) techniques, asana (postures), and pratyahara (relaxation) techniques to help bring you more easily into a relaxed and focused state.

Interweaving hypnosis for birth, alongside daily essentials to encourage balanced space within so that baby can get into their optimal position for birth, these sessions will provide a wealth of understanding of mind and body, that can be taken forward into the postnatal period also. No previous yoga experience necessary. Booking essential.